One-Stop Shop Model

Our one-stop shop model combines multiple health and human service providers in a single location to deliver services to rural families. Bringing together services in one location can benefit rural families in accessing healthcare, transportation, referrals, and services for children. To further improve access to care, program planners can also establish one-stop-shops in easily accessible locations, such as in a mobile clinic or near a grocery store.

Stronger Health Systems: Healthier Families and Communities


Maternity Village

  its goals are to help enhance, improve and otherwise positively contribute to the health and well being of mothers, children, and families in Sierra Leone, West Africa. 

This innovative maternity village will serve to ensure that expecting mothers will receive free prenatal care for 2-5 years at our maternity village. It is part of our goal to make certain that more women and newborns survive, and stay healthy during childbirth and beyond by providing antenatal care, post-Natal care, prevention and treatment of newborn and postpartum conditions, and Immunization services. 


Mobile Clinic

Our mobile clinic is designed to travel to high-risk remote communities to provide free primary health care at patient’s doorstep. Along with our medical facility, partnering medical specialist, referrals are within a 200 miles radius that will be available for urgent cases. 


EMR (electronic medical record)

Our medical records are highly electronic and are internally transported between registration, pharmacy ,admission and discharge. This system efficiently supports the  facilitation of complete, accurate, and timely information of our patients medical history.