''At the Heart of Community Healthcare Network is the promise of a better tomorrow. It is a promise of a healthy life, of a decent livelihood and of a sustainable infrastructure that will benefit communities."- Julius Nwosu President &CEO 

A Legacy of Excellence

In Memory of Julius Nwosu Sr.


The story begins in the early 60’s when my father Julius Nwosu Sr. Built the first medical facility at the tender age of 37. This hospital became a staple for healing and recovery for wounded soldiers during the biafra war. Unfortunately today that hospital no longer exist and the health crises of the people is only getting worse. As of 2008, a special medical mission was embarked upon to provide adequate Healthcare to the people in commemoration of my father and his vision. In 2011 after a series of pilot concept test run’s the decision to take the concept  to the next level gave birth to  Community Healthcare Network . The name not only reflects our comprehensive array of service but responses to health crises that plagues the people of Nigeria.