Welcome to Community Healthcare Network:

My Name is Julius Nwosu and I am the Chairman and President of Community Healthcare Network. I studied at CUNY Lehman College where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. I went on to begin my medical education at Ross University School of Medicine from 1987-1988.  In 1988, I was accepted into the PA program of City College where I completed and obtained my license to practice medicine. I have served as a specialist in HIV and Hepatitis C  and as a primary care physician extender in internal medicine for over 30 years; and have been committed to organizing free medical missions twice a year for over a decade now throughout Nigeria.

In 2008 I really began to listen to the rapidly growing pain of the needs within the communities I served, and I began to consider the possibility of offering a new system that will provide not only adequate healthcare but affordable care for all people regardless of ones economic status. The truth is that many of our poor and elderly people have long been forgotten within Nigeria. There are too many untold stories of women and babies dying before and after child delivery, never to be heard about again. There are women right now who have tested positive for HIV  forced to breast feed their babies due to their inability to afford proper medical supplementation to feed their Newborn.

That is why,Throughout this long arduous trial and error process we wanted to ensure that the most vulnerable within our society had the opportunity to also receive the proper care that is  so desperately needed through our pilot program.

Under this new model, patients will be able to afford medical treatment at a low or no cost. We are also working to provide free prenatal care for pregnant women living in the rural villages of Nigeria to combat maternal and infant mortality. Patients will have had all their health concerns addressed in a single visit. Community Healthcare Network will complement its clinical services with outreach programs. We will continue to make visits to small villages with our mobile van screening for a wide array of diseases, helping us detect health problems early and refer patients back to our medical facility to for extended treatment.

We will continue to ensure that every single patient who comes through our doors, across all of our clinical sites, is provided the care and services to support them on their journey to wellness with dignity, respect and compassion.

If you have further questions please visit our contact us page .

Julius I. Nwosu
Community Healthcare Network